In October 2018, the Social Welfare Department launched the "Visiting Medical Practitioner Service" to provide free of charge medical service for residents of private and self-financing residential care homes for the elderly and the disabilities through Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service in Wan Chai, Hong Kong East and New Territories East Districts. 

 Service Philosophy


-Residential Care Home Residents: care for the health of the residents, and provide medical services

-Residential Care Home Staff: care for residential care home staff, provide professional training and hotline support

-Residential Care Home Operators: Focus on the needs of operators, provide up-to-date information and relevant training materials

 Service Targets

All residents of private and self-financing residential care homes for the elderly and disabilities in the serving districts.


Service Content
• Regular visiting medical practitioner service for seasonal influenza and other episodic illnesses
• One-stop drug prescription and drug delivery
• Professional nurse telephone consultation
• Health talks and staff training

Welcome to be the Medical Partner of Visiting Medical Practitioner Service (VMPS)

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Service Hotline: 2729 8111
Nurse counseling hotline:

 (Hong Kong Island East) 2729 8155 / 5211 7345

 (New Territories East) 2729 8155 / 9265 4375

 Fax number: 2729 8226

Email address: (Hong Kong Island East):
Email address: (New Territories East):
Address: Visiting Medical Practitioner Service Office at 2/F, 36 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There are 16 Service Quality Standards (SQS) for our service. Should you have any enquiries or comments,please do not hesitate to contact us (Tel: 2729 8111)