Brief History

Established in 1982, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS) was founded by Hong Kong Baptist University (formerly known as the Hong Kong Baptist College) under the commission of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong in 1978. We first provide community services in Wan Chai district and Hong Kong Island. With over 40 years of development, we have progressively expanded our social services across various districts in Hong Kong.

We are committed to incorporating Christian belief into professional social work to provide holistic care services and strive to develop innovative services with new ideas. In view of ever-changing needs in society, we provide a wide range of district-based services for infants to elderly, including Integrated Children, Youth and Family Services, Integrated Elderly Services, Integrated Mental Health Services, Training and Employment Services, Clinical Psychological and Counselling Services, Pre-Primary School, Catering, Poverty Alleviation, etc.



十周年紀念特刊  廿周年紀念特刊  



In 2009, BOKSS was incorporated under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (a company limited by guarantee) and is one of the tax-exempted charitable institutions under the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Our Mission 


A Blend of Belief and Professionalism

To implement “Christian Social Service” through the incorporation of Christian belief and professional social work.

 Holistic Care

The services we provide focus on “the well being of the person as a whole”, including one’s physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs. Our service users include individuals, families, small groups and the communities.

 Innovative Service

Keep abreast of time, to develop innovative services with new ideas by conducting evidence-based studies.

Social Worker Training

To provide placement opportunities for social work students.

 Collaboration with Churches

To work with churches to spread the gospel by serving the society




Three solid circles on the top represent three heads, expressing “a group of people”.

At the bottom, a cross joints three bodies together which

symbolises people are linked by the love of God.


We, as the servants, are reminded to witness and share Christ’s love in the communities as a group of redeemed Christians.

For the service targets, this logo is a symbol of hope - the love of Christ still exists and is shared among us in the communities.