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Hong Kong has experienced pandemic and there is a negative atmosphere in the society. In the face of adversity, the negative emotions of family members increase.If the accumulated negative emotions are not relieved, the individual's ability to regulate his or her emotions becomes unbalanced.If emotions are not handled properly, family relationships can be damaged, especially when children need to develop a sense of security, but when parents are unable to respond to and carry their children's emotions due to their own distress, children's anxiety is exacerbated, making it more difficult for parents to respond to their children's needs.In addition, adversity also affects a child's self-esteem, for example, a child's shyness in expressing his or her family's difficulties and fear of disapproval can lead to a lowered self-image. Family adversity therefore has a negative impact on mental health in three ways: 1) imbalance in emotional regulation, 2) weakness in family relational connection and 3) low self-image.
The Family Happy MAP Project addresses these three key needs, by introducing the three MAP components to establish the emotional health of the family.


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Through three levels of intervention, including: psychoeducation programme, therapeutic groups and case counseling to approach the families in need and promote the family well-being



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