This is a two-year “Self-Management Plan for Health” programme launched in our Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (NEC) to strengthen the “health” component of “Active Aging”. 3S Project is divided into three parts:

1S Stay Fit

The NEC promotes exercises that are designed by the physiotherapists with an aim to encourage the participants to enjoy an active yet healthy aging life through peer support.This programme pays special attention to those frail elderly and those who suffered from pains and targets to reassure the elderly with different needs are welcome to join the exercise classes.


2S Stay Healthy

Physiotherapists will provide the elderly in the NEC with personalised consultation for an early intervention of their health problems including pains and fall injuries. Through pains management and simple therapeutic exercises, participants will be able to improve their limb movement, restore their independent living ability which can eventually maintain their self-care capability and reduce their reliance on long-term nursing care.


3S Stay Safe@Home

Physiotherapists will conduct meetings with the participants and caregivers in the NEC or at home, and access their difficulties in daily care and offer suggestions for proper transfer skills to ease caregivers’ pressure. Moreover, participants will be taught healthcare exercises to strengthen their physical fitness and self-care capability in achieving ageing in place for elderly with long-term care needs.

We also host training sessions for the caregivers which will be instructed by social workers or healthcare expertise. Caregivers will be taught the caring skills, patients’ psychology, knowledge of diseases and volunteering skills. Participants can practice during classes to strengthen their mastering skills and confidence.




NEC members and caregivers, community members who are interested in becoming caregivers.


Application and Enquiry


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