With the aging of the population, the demand for elderly and caring for the elderly is increasing. We have launched the Carer & Dementia Community Support Service  in October 2018 in the neighbourhood centres for the elderly. Through a team of cross-professionals such as social workers, nurses and physiotherapists, we provide quality and comprehensive support services covering carers and their carers. The service details are as follows:

Service Objectives
1. Identify and support patients with cognitive impairment early and promote community concerns about cognitive impairment;
2. Providing care for the carers in need to relieve stress; and at the same time caring for the elderly being cared for;
3. Assisting carers in need, improving caregiving and promoting their mental health;
4. Promote a positive and positive relationship between carers and the elderly;
5. Maintain a friendly community network to provide support to elders and carers who need it at the community level.


Service Targets

1) Carers who need support:

    a) Carers who need to care for frail elders aged 60 or above (e.g. inconvenient mobility, poor 
health, suspected or diagnosed with cognitive                      impairment, etc.)
    b) Carers with care for the pressure, physical impairment, or elderly caregivers;

    c) Carers who have social and emotional support needs;

2) The elderly being cared for;

3) Volunteers, community stakeholders, and the community.


Carer service

This service provides a full service plan for carers. Participants can choose from the following services:

- Rehabilitation products rental service

- Emotional support and counseling

- Application for residential care homes and community care services

- Home Visiting, rehabilitation or cognitive training

- Accompanying, escort and purchasing services

- Care skills training

- Social and recreational activities

- Support for the elderly

- Professional advice


Cognitive Disorder Support Services

This service also supports cognitive skills training and other physical and mental needs for people with cognitive impairment:

1. Regularly "Cognitive Training Group" for people who are suspected or diagnosed with early to mid-term cognitive impairment, provide early intervention training to maintain brain function, delay cognitive decline, and promote participants' social life and maintain healthy mental and physical statua, the content include:
Cognitive training activities Sensory stimulation Realistic Orientation
Reminiscense  Brain Sports and Games Horticultural Training

2. Cognitive Assessment
Community Education
1. Referral of community resources and related services
2. Public education and community promotion

Application method
Relevant activities can be inquired and registered with social workers at various centres