BOKSS Integrated Elderly Service have launched an elderly caregiver services project “Caregiver Support Model: Development and Validation Project” in Nov 2021, sponsored by Simon K. Y. Lee Elderly Fund and collaborated with City University of Hong Kong; a 17-month-project will be implemented in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District by using a systematic and scientific working model for social workers to support caregivers, to match societal resources with the needs of the caregivers, to alleviate caregiving distress, and to enhance caregivers’ quality of life.


Service target

Caregivers aged 21 or above providing unpaid assistance to frail elders aged 60 or above (screening and assessment are needed).


Service areas

Case Services for the caregiver (Individual Support Plan)


Social worker will provide supporting services like emotional counselling, knowledge and skills of caring for the frail elderly, social connecting, linking up community resources, and so on, so as to relieve their burden on taking care of them. These services also help to take advantage of caregivers’ personal strengths to improve their physical and psychological health. Detailed services are as follows: 
  • Emotional counselling;
  • Services application and referral;
  • Social supporting;


Ms. Ellen Lan (Project Manager)

Lai Yiu Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Cho Yiu Club House)

Unit 5-9, G/F., Kai Kwong House, Cho Yiu Chuen, Kwai Chung, New Territories

Telephone: (852) 2743 5626



Mr. Kevin Wong (Project Officer)

Tsing Yi Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

G/F., Wing B, Yee Wai House, Tsing Yi Estate, Tsing Yi, New Territories

Telephone: (852) 2433 6414



* Participants need to complete three need assessments before, during, and after the project. Once participants complete three need assessments, they will receive HK$50, HK$100, and HK$150 supermarket cash coupons respectively as an acknowledgment of their help.