Square-stepping Exercise is a fall-prevention exercise patented by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service in 2009 which was originated in Japan. It is developed by long-term clinical research and experience which aims at enhancing body balance, training thinking and promoting physical and mental health as well as social life. BOKSS is engaged in promotion, training and tutor qualification assessment.

Due to its simple yet easy learning approach, Square-stepping Exercise, that is suitable for people with different ages and needs, has been popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong and Macau.


Exercisers practise the designated steps on a square sports mat. Currently, the Square-stepping Exercise has over 200 stepping moves. Instructors will adjust the difficulty level according to the students’ ability while the students can train up leg muscles, enhance joint sensitivity, body balancing and coordination via memorizing different stepping moves and short-term single-foot standing.


Studies show that Square-stepping Exercise can help prevent fall injuries as well as improve the elderly’s

short-term and long-term memorisation with remarkable results.



• To exercise the lower limbs and enhance its capacity

• To maintain independent movement ability

• To prevent falling

• To defer cognitive decline

• To strengthen short-term and long-term memories

• To enhance the quality of social life


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