Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service has launched the Project Eagle to provide a systematic volunteer training with allowance to retired people aged 50 or above to use their knowledge, technique and experience to serve the community and build third age career .  Through this project, it can help to create their personal dreams and develop their potentials to achieve the goal “Contribution to Community, Creation of Meaningful Life”.


Volunteer training programme         

(1)Gourmet Ambassador : To assist in preparing nutritious and healthy meal to the elderly.To promote healthy diet to the community. Training content : Elderly physiological and  psychological need, healthy cooking and diet, etc.


(2)Administration Ambassador : To assist in providing reception and clerical supportto eldery centres.Training content : Reception and telephone skill, office operation, basic computer application skill, etc.


(3)Health promotion Ambassador : To assist in operating rehab shop.  Training content : retailing, inventory management, customer service, etc.


(4)Education Ambassador : To act as a life mentor to provide homework guidance. To share social and personal experience with children from grassroots families. Training content : Child psychological need, child development, family relationship, tutorial class operation, etc.


(5)Sewing Ambassador: To provide needlework services to the community.  To produce household rehab products to the elderly.  Training content : communication skill, customer psychological need and advanced sewing technique, etc.


(6)Companion Ambassador : To provide day care service to frail elderly such as escorting service, shopping, home visit and etc. Training content : Basic personal care, first aid, psychological and social need of the elderly, etc.


(7)Cognitive Ambassador: To give guidance and accompany with the elderly who are suspected to have suffered or diagnosed dementia to play cognitive games.  Training content : Dementia knowledge, cognitive training games, etc.


(8)Square Stepping Exercise (SSE) Ambassador : To assist the SSE instructor in  teaching the elderly SSE.  To lead the eldery to do warm-up exercise.  To perform post exercise test.  SSE is an exercise developed from Japan.  It enhances balancing skill, thinking skill and the quality of social life, etc.


Who can apply?

(1) Retired persons aged 50 or above;

(2) Those who intend to contribute to the community;

(3) Those who are interested to serve the elderly and the community.

How can I apply?

(1) Complete the application form (Download from “Publications” section).

(2) Submit in person to the NEC under BOKSS.

(3) Submit by email to

(4) Submit by mail to Chan Tak Sang Memorial Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

   (Address: 1/F, Prosperity Court, 168 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon)


*All applicants must attend interview in advance. Training will be provided to the qualified applicants.

Application and Enquiry

Tel:2333 1203(Project Manager)




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