HKTeens Project



In response to the increasing challenges that our youth are facing, HKTeens project was initiated by 2011 to provide mental wellness support for secondary schools’ students, parents and teachers, including counselling, groups, workshops, talks delivered to schools. 


-improve the mental wellness, positivity of youth

-identify youth facing mental health issues and emotional disturbances, so as to provide early intervention

-support them develop healthy coping and psychosocial development

Service Targets

-secondary school students

-their parents

-secondary school teachers

Served Areas

´ All districts

Service Delivery Model

Service Content

-Prevention work includes students and parents talks on mental health related topics, so as to help them have early awareness and concern for their emotional or mental conditions

-Developmental work includes workshops or activities facilitated by art adventure, psychosocial treatment such as Time Perspective approach, so as to help students understand their emotions, attitude and thought patterns, to learn to relieve their stress and discover their strengths.

-Intervention work includes individual and group counseling on interpersonal relationship, emotions and coping, so as to improve mental wellness in school life.


Charges vary depending on activities. Please contact our staff for more details.


Address: Room 703, 7/F, 83 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT

Tel:  3703 6206

WhatsApp: 6623 5389

Fax: 2386 1800