Service Introduction

Pilot Scheme for ADHD+ is a two-year project funded by Health Bureau, undertaken in collaboration with Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Hospital Authority, Social Welfare Department and Education Bureau. It aims at providing early detection and intervention services for children to early adulthood, who are suspected of having hyperactivity and/or attention deficiency and/or comorbid disorders e.g. stress-related disorder.

A comprehensive and personalized support services are provided by our multi-disciplinary team with close collaboration with schools, families, communities, medical and social welfare organizations.


Service Characteristics

  1. Adopt early detection and intervention approach, provide intensive and age-sensitive trainings for different stages.  
  2. Guided with evidence-based practice which ensure the effectiveness and the quality of service provision. 
  3. Utilizing multi-disciplinary professional support to develop and monitor intervention and evaluation plans regularly which address different life domains.

Service Contents

  1. Early Detection & Intervention


  1.  Diversified group trainings and individual support


  1. Regular review and follow-up


  1. Community education

Service Target

Service Application

-Referral from the participating schools

-Referral from the Student Health Service 

-Application through Parents or Guardian 

-Self-application for those who aged 18 or above


Online Application form


Service Enquiry

Tel:3708 1430

Address Room 07--8, 16/F, Laford Centre, 838 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan