Project Introduction

Mental health and financial wellness go hand in hand, while financial distress can result in or result from poor mental health, or both. With support from the Advisory Committee on Mental Health, < Mental Health and Money Fitness Coaching Scheme> aims to raise the attention of the general public to financial wellness and mental health, thereby improving financial management habits and attitudes, preventing mental health problems caused by financial difficulties as soon as possible, and also to avoid financial problems caused by mental distress and therefore reducing the risk of a vicious circle. Through conducting large-scale mental and financial wellness assessments, seminars/webinars, interactive workshops, recruitment and training Fit Money Mind Coach volunteers, and providing emotional support or referral services to those in urgent service needs. Finally, three sets of independent teaching materials for different age groups will be produced for students and youth, working adult and the elderly, hoping to increase public awareness, promote and educate the public about the concepts of mental health and financial wellness, in order to enhance the attitudes and skillsets to avoid problems in a preventive manner.

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