Child Emotion Health Research

There are worrying trends of increasing number of young people suffers from emotional or psychological disturbance. Since 2011, BOKSS has implemented “Happy Go Buddies” Programme to further understand the effect on young people emotion well-beings. The programme aims to early identify factors that causes emotional problem in children and provide immediate and preventive interventions. It also corporate with school to conduct surveys for Primary 4 to Primary 6 students to understand signs of early anxiety/depression, stressors, peer and family risks and protective factors relationships to use evidence-base interventions to promote balance in children physical and mental development.


Research Project:

2013-2014 – Hong Kong Primary School Student Anxiety Research (published on November 25th, 2014)

2014-2015 - Hong Kong Primary School Student Anxiety Research (published on November 8th, 2015)

2015-2016 – Parents Emotion and Children Development Research (published on November 20th, 2016)

2016-2017 – Hong Kong Primary School Student Depression Research (published on November 19th, 2017)

Family Member Survey

Resource & Service Centre for the Relatives of Ex-mentally Ill People conducts research survey regularly to understand the pressure of family members providing long-term care in quality of life, stress, burden, needs, and coping strategies, etc. We will continue to learn more about the family member’s needs and solutions to initiate proper service for family members in the future.

Volunteer Survey

Integrated Mental Health Services has launched “Tree of Life Volunteer Project” since 2014, with over 10 years of volunteer management experiences, our worker group discovered: 1. Volunteer’s emotion could be affected by mental/emotion disturbance client; 2. About 16% of participated volunteers have family/friend or had experienced emotional disturbance that are more aware of their own well-being, and through voluntary service to feel particularly motived and satisfied; 3. Volunteers are more sensitive on their own emotional needs and agreed on the importunateness of physical and mental health through participated in mental recoveree services.


To further understand how those involved in volunteer work can improve their physical and mental health through helping others. Many workshops were formed inviting volunteer management group, service clients, and volunteers to collect their suggestions on volunteer management in five areas, includes Recruitment, Training, Service, Award, and Retention, to enhance our planning process. Data collected regarding the relationship between volunteer work and physical and mental health were analyzed and the result was released in Well-being Symposium 2016.

District Survey

Wan Chai District Survey

Partnered with Wan Chai District Council’s “Hygienic, Healthy & Dynamic City” Promotion Committee to delegate Centre for the Advancement of Social Sciences Research of Hong Kong Baptist University to conduct a survey in Wan Chai district. Street interview was conducted with 800 residents, students, or workers in Wan Chai to understand their physical and mental health status, as well as their scores and options on the environment and facilities in the area.


Kwai Tsing District Survey

The survey objectives were to understand the physical and mental health of Kwai Tsing residents and to bring awareness to the general public, in order to make corresponding proposal to improve resident’s physical and mental health. Survey was conducted in June to July in 2016, surveyors use convenience sampling to conduct survey with residents in Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi to understand their subject feeling on their own physical and mental health.

Case Management Model

Family Mental Health Promotion and Intervention Research Programme

To promote positive interaction and strengths between family members and mental health service users and transform labeling effect in individual and family development, our organization has launched Wellness at Home – Family Mental Health Promotion & Intervention Project. Integrated Mental Health Service introduced IFAST (Integrative Families & Systems Treatment) – Family-centered Care Practice since 2013. Trainings were given to many professional workers dedicated to provide family counselling service to community member; professional team member includes: psychologists, family therapists and social workers. By developing family strength to consolidate family members’ interconnectedness and resilience to face the challenges brought by mental health issue. Since 2013 over 80 families were given family counselling service. In the future, concluded findings on the effect of family counselling services on families affected by mental health will be shared with the industry to further promote the development of this mental health family counselling service in long the term.


Rehabilitation Model

“Rehabilitation Model” is a rather new concept in mental health service; it has impressive research evidence in foreign countries. However, the development and practice of this new model in Hong Kong are still in the initial stage; and it is lack of proven effective intervention strategies.

Focused on the practice of Rehabilitation Model, BOKSS invited Professor Wong, Fu Keung of the Social Work Department in the University of Hong Kong in cooperation to conduct an effectiveness research to apply cognitive behavior intervention with Rehabilitation Model on mental health recoverees. The research objectives: 1) promote the mental health, sense of hope, sense of empowerment of serious mental health service users to improve quality of life through cognitive behavior intervention of Rehabilitation Model; 2) collect evidence research data on the effectiveness of this intervention toward serious mental health service users for further research use.