YOUTHorizons - Mental Wellness Service for Youth is an extension of the Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness of Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. It is an age-specific service to cater for the mental health needs of youth, to provide mental health educational and preventive work for youth in schools and the community, and provide early support and follow up for youth facing emotional or mental health issues.


1. Provide early detection and intervention service for youth with emotional/mental distress

2. Support youth and family to reduce the impact of their emotional/mental health issues, so as to developing their strengths and building positive lifestyle

3. Raise public awareness and understanding of youth mental health

Service Targets

Youth aged 12 – 25 with emotional or mental distress,

whose home/school address is in Kwai Tsing, Wan Chai or Hong Kong East districts

(Youths from other districts could join as program members)

Service Target

Youth aged 11-25 with emotional/mental distress
whose home/ school address is in Kwai Tsing, Wanchai,Hong Kong East Districts
(youth out of these districts are eligible to be program members)

Service Content

1. Mental wellness promotion and education at schools and community

- Emotional/mental health talks and workshops

- Body-mind wellness exhibition

- Teacher training workshops


2. Early Intervention Support and Counselling Service

- Mental health assessment and consultation

- Case follow-up, referrals to/collaboration with health professionals

- Outreaching home visits

- Parents support

- Psychoeducation groups

- Socio-emotional training group


3. Individual and community recovery support

- Individual or family counseling

- School adaptation and continuous recovery support

- Therapeutic groups

- Strength-based and recovery management courses

- Peer support programs

- Career and life planning courses

- Occupational therapy and training

- Personal growth and social developmental programs/courses

4. Parents Support Services

- Parents mutual support groups

- Understanding mental health and recovery course for parents

- Thematic parents or parent-child workshops/talks

Service Charge

Charges vary depending on activities.

       Free of charge (special mode of treatment may incur fees), please 

       contact service for details


Special Project​

“WeCollege”originated from UK’s concept of recovery and through education instead of rehabilitation to support youth mental health by different level of participation, peer support and learning to well equip themselves to face upcoming challenges in life.

Our Beliefs

We gather  – Building network

We share   – Sharing experience and learning

We build    – Building strengths and co-produce learning courses


"WeCollege”emphasizes Co-production in the service delivery, it lets youth who concern mental wellness understand about the concept of recovery and related knowledge, so as to build a wholesome positive healthy lifestyle and face their personal development confidently.


-  aged 15-25 youth

-  youth who cares about mental health

-  no specific education qualifications requirement



Contact and Enquiry

Address: 7/F, 36 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: 3413 1542
Fax: 3413 1676


Address:  Room 703, 7/F, 83 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT

Tel: 2386 1717

Fax: 3703 6206


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