Integrated Services for Mental Wellness  provides  occupational therapy and day care training services. We are committed to promoting holistic development in terms of physical, emotional, social and spiritual health within the community while the needy recovered can get access to one-stop integrated services and lead an independent life through occupational therapy training with full utilisation of community resources and vocational training.

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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists are involved in the rehabilitation for people with temporary, permanent or developmental disabilities. Through carefully designed activities, therapeutic processes and adaptation of the environment, Occupational Therapy helps in:


  1. Enhancement of both physical and psychological functions

  2. Prevention of illnesses

  3. Facilitation of independent living to improve quality of life of people with disabilities or special needs

  4. Promotion of reintegration into home, work or school and the community

(Reference from Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association (HKOTA)

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