“WeCollege” concept was borrowed from “The Recovery College” origin in England, hoping to take an educational approach to replace treatment approach in teen mental health service; allowing teenagers to develop and equip with knowledge and skills to face different challenges in life through varies level of participation in the programme.


“WeCollege” empathizes through Co-Production educational approach, allowing mental health concerned teens to develop a more comprehensive, positive, and healthy lifestyle through learning and understanding the concept of recovery.


Our organization are partnered with three non-government organizations to develop “Recovery College” subsided by the Recovery Fund; providing recovery services to teens at 15 or above. And “WeCollege” is hoping to develop a more unique service to teens ages between 15-30 through Recovery College service approach.


We gather – develop networking, utilize strength

We share – share experience, learn from each other

We build – good use of advantage, build lecture


1.Allow recovering teens to have a positive healthy mindset to understand and acceptance self-recovery experiences to reduce self-labeling.


 “WeCollege” empathizes through Co-Production educational approach combining teen recovery experiences and professional knowledge to design and promote the            course content. During the course, it allows teens to adjust and reflect on their recovery experiences helping them to build new perspectives and values. By sharing their new findings with others in the course allowing them to learn and grow together building peer support. It helps reducing self-labeling and negative value toward themselves, rather building better self-esteems and bringing better hope for the future.




2.Enhance Teens Ability to Face and Handle Mental Emotional Distress


 “WeCollege” empathizes on using educational approach to replace traditional treatment approach helping teen to reduce negative image towards mental illness, thus, attracting  more mental health concerned teens to participate and learn about the knowledge and technique.



3.Develop and Build Peer Supporting Network


“WeCollege” empathizes the important of peer support. Peer group is very important among teen group, peers advise and value also play an important role in the development of the teen’s self-value, motivation, and feeling secure. Therefore, WeCollege established a Life Coach role to assist teen in better motivation and interest through peer support and encouragement.

 Enrollment Eligibility:

Age 15 – 30 young adult

Mental health concerned young adult

Any educational background

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