Girl who wants to be a voluntee

Health Shop Ambassador’s Testimonial – Gigi

A slim and weak body shape young lady came into the recovery shop holding a shopping list, she wanted to buy a nasal irrigation tool. Then followed a stronger built lady looks a little older than she did came into the shop.


The young lady received the nasal irrigation tool that I handed her and asked for the usage direction with a heavy hypernasal voice. She looked nervously and avoided my eye contact as if she had something to hide. It was good that I have been using the same type of nasal irrigation tool for a while, the question wasn’t difficult for me to answer. I calmly explained to her in detail. She started to pay attention and nodded acknowledging that she understood.


Then the older lady spoke, “Thank you for explaining it patiently to my little sister. She is diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) and is currently under treatment. Doctor suggested her to use the irrigation tool to clean her nose daily. Some of her ENT organs have been damaged impairing her speaking and hearing ability.”


I spotted the young lady, she was already stepped closer to the doorway, her eyes were red and teary. I tried to comfort her, “Didn’t you hear my voice with abnormal resonance as well? My nasal problem has been following me for a few decades, and I am still living pretty well. Don’t over worry, do the things that you want to do. Illness couldn’t stop you from living well. You are still young and will recover fast. There are still plenty of times to do meaningful things. Just like me, although I am older and already retired, but I can still come here to do voluntary work allowing myself to live a fulfilling life.”


“You are a volunteer? My little sister would also want to be a volunteer, can she?” The older sister asked. I explained to her this scheme is tailored for retiree, but the organization have other voluntary schemes that she can find out more on their website or contact them directly. That time the young lady has already stepped back from the doorway standing next to me looking at me directly with a smile. I handed them the contact information, then the two sisters left gratefully.

Looking at the back of the young lady, I silently prayed for her in my heart wishing her recovery soon. Life is not about number of days to be alive, meaning in life comes from cherishing your every day!


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