In July 2012, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS) and Ye Lung Hau Baptist Church of Macau firstly launched the TEEN's Youth Mental Wellness Promotion Project in Macau. The Project is funded by IAS under the Macao SAR to provide mental wellness services for adolescents aged 10 to 29 and to promote public awareness toward the physical and mental wellness of children and adolescents. With remarkable achievements, the campaign has expanded to other aspects, including community education, school work, youth growth support, parent education and support work, as well as large-scale research survey themed “Mental Wellness of Secondary School Students in Macau".


In order to set foot in Macau with provision of diversified services, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service of Macau (BOKSS-Macau) officially became a legal entity in 2015 in establishing a solid foundation for long-term services to Macau citizens.

Subsequently, BOKSS-Macau successfully conducted “Asia Pacific Youth Mental Wellness Conference 2015", as well as study in “Relationship between Mental Wellness of Macau Youth and Family Function”. In the same year, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service of Macau was subsidised by IAS to implement the “Dream Come True” Adolescent Development Project.


TEEN's Youth Mental Wellness Promotion Project

The Programme aims at enhancing the mental wellness quality of Macau youth via diversified services in three levels. Therefore, youth can build up their living abilities and thus facilitating their healthy growth. Also, provision of early intervention and support services for adolescents with emotional distress can prevent problems from deteriorating.


Level 1: Community Education

Talks, workshops and training courses can raise community awareness.

Level 2: Selective Prevention by Educational Support

Assessment, counselling and grouping can help identify the youth with higher risks and their needs in advance so as to prevent problems from worsening.

Level 3: Indicated Prevention for Professional Support - including

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